Organization 2007

East Region
Information from Timetable 82, May 29, 2009

Champlain Division
        Atlantic District
        Quebec District
        Montreal District
Great Lakes Division
Information from Timetable 59, January 1, 2005
        Great Lakes South District
        Great Lakes North District

West Region
Information from Timetable 12, December 15, 2007

Alberta Division
        Lakehead District
        Melville District
        Saskatoon District
        Edmonton District
Mountain Division
        Alberta West District
        Mountain District
BC South Division
        BC South District

South Region
Information from Timetable 3, January 28, 2007

Michigan Division
Wisconsin Division
        North Zone
        South Zone
Chicago Division
        Chicago Terminal Zone
        Iowa Zone
Central Division
        Midwest Zone
        Memphis Zone
        Gulf Coast Zone
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