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DVD version 4 word file
DVD version 4 PDF Version

CNRHA is pleased to announce the new version of the Back Issues DVD for CN Lines. The DVD will be available for online sales April 1 st, 2022.
The new DVD will include:

CN Lines Volume 1 Number 1 to Volume 20 Number 4, 73 issues
Table of contents for each issue
Subject index referencing all issues
Centre folds of selected issues of the magazine with double page images or drawings
Data packs 1 and 2 Issued by CN Lines SIG
Heritage Collection 1979 – Collection of drawings and plans for Heritage Park, Calgary created by NMRA for 1979 Convention in Calgary, AB.
List of dealers of CN Lines magazine
List of websites of interest to CN Rail modellers
The pricing for the new DVD will be the same as the original $41.95 (Cdn or US) including GST (if appropriate) and shipping via Canada Post. For members and customers interested in the CN Lines Back Issues, but do not have access to a DVD drive on their computer, CNRHA will offer the Back Issues on a USB memory stick compatible with USB V. 2.0 starting April 1st, 2022. The price of the memory stick will be $50 in either Cdn for addresses in Canada and in USD for customers in the USA.
The Back Issues DVD will continue to be offered for the original price of $41.95 CDN or USD.
CNRHA Members who have purchased previous versions of the Back Issues DVD can take advantage of the discount price of $25.00 for the new version. Members who have purchased the previous version of the USB Flash Drive can purchase the new version for $30.Any member who has previous versions of the DVD but want the new USB Flash Drive can purchase it for $35.00. Non-members who purchased previous version of the DVD can purchase the new version for $30.00, or the new Flash Drive for $40.00. In all cases proof of purchase is required, being the number of the locomotive on the face of the DVD or the number on the USB Flash Drive (CNR XXXX).
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DVD version 4 PDF Version