CN Lines Paint

The sale of CN Lines Paint will be discontinued on Januaruy 31st 2017 due to slow sales.

From now until Jan 31st paints will be available for $4.00 per bottle plus $5.00 for shipping plus GST. Orders of 12 bottles or more will be shipped free. All orders must be prepaid by cash, cheque or PayPal.

All orders for paints will be shipped through Canpar by surface courier and will require a street address. Canpar does not deliver to a PO Box.

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Several years ago, the CN Lines SIG produced authentic paints for modellers, manufactured by Scalecoat in the USA. Most of the colours produced are still available as follows:
In Canada Paints are available from some local hobby shops (recommended), however if CNRHA members have trouble purchasing paints locally, we do sell paints directly. For orders of 8 bottles or more we will ship free of charge; smaller orders will be charged $10.00 for shipping.
An order form is available at  CN Lines Paint
In the USA, contact Flying Yankee Enterprises at
The CN Lines SIG also designed and produced decal sets for HO scale passenger cars (1954 and earlier schemes) but we no longer distribute these. Please contact Allen Ferguson at Black Cat Decals or for a full range of decals for CNR freight and passenger cars and locomotives.

These are authentic CNR, DW&P, CV, GT, GTW, VIA, CPR and BCR colors in a lacquer-based paint developed from archival railway paint chips and produced exclusively for the CN Lines SIG by the Scalecoat Division of Weaver Models.
The CN LINES SIG has also entered into agreements with the SIGs for VIA, CPR, and BCR to produce accurate colours for these railways. In all cases, much effort was made to accurately match sample colours from the archives of each railway.
Thin with Xylene (common name) or mixed dimethylbenzenes (chemical name), which is available at paint stores and automotive body shop supply stores. Chemical purity is not important. At a Walmart store in Winnipeg, small cans of Xylene (125 ml) were labelled “Goop Degooper”.
The 30 ml bottle is replacing the 60 ml bottle for rapidly selling colours (see listing). For simplicity, all orders are being charged at the 30 ml price even though some might be 60 ml bottles. MRSP = $7.00 per bottle.
Hardware and lumber stores also have both lacquer thinner and Xylene available in 3.78 L cans.

100s = 60 ml 110s = 30 ml








Grey No. 11

For pre-1968 steel refrigerator and covered hoppers.


Orange No. 11 / Orange-Red

For diesel locomotives/RDCs 1961-1968; post-1965 cabooses.


Yellow No. 11 / Imitation Gold

For pre-1961 diesel and passenger equipment


Grey No. 17 / Lettering Grey

For post-1961 diesels and passenger equipment.


Red No. 11 / Mineral Brown / Freight Car Red

For freight cars to 1968.


Green No.11 / Olive Green

Pre-1961 diesels and passenger equipment.


Red/Orange No. 11

The “redder” version of Orange #11 used 1968-1978 on locomotives and cabooses including the as-delivered steel road cabooses.


CPR Freight Car Red

Based on a well-preserved CPR sample.


Red No. 12

A darker freight car red-brown introduced in 1968.


Grey No. 12

Used on covered hoppers from 1968 on.


Modeller's Grey No. 17

Lighter off-white for indoor model views.


Orange No. 12

Introduced in 1968 on non-revenue equipment.


CN Yellow No. 18

VIA passenger yellow.


CN Blue No. 18

VIA passenger blue.


CPR Diesel Locomotive Grey

The same shade as discontinued Scalecoat #68.


CPR Diesel Yellow

The same shade as discontinued Scalecoat #67.


Tuscan (Maroon)

For use on steam and diesel locos and passenger equipment.

The following colours are sold out from CNRHA
but may be available at dealers


Orange No. 10 / Morency Orange

For cabooses from 1943 to 1961.


Warm Black

A specialty black that is intended to enhance the appearance
of models under artificial (incandescent) light.


CPR Steam Locomotive Grey

The heritage shade used on restored 4-6-4 #2816.


Scalecoat Flat Glaze

An excellent clear flat coating, can be mixed with
Scalecoat #52, Gloss Glaze, to achieve
a variety of semi-gloss surfaces
on any Scalecoat paint).


Scalecoat Gloss Glaze

Scalecoat #52, an excellent clear gloss coating. (See #51 left).


British Columbia Railway light green


British Columbia Railway dark green

Striving for Accuracy and Consumer Protection
We provide historically accurate paint colours as a service to the hobby of model railroading and our margins are intentionally low. Unforeseen expenses resulted in the 60 ml bottles producing a significantly negative margin. The SIG paints definitely became a non-profit enterprise.
In Canada these Xylene-containing products require child-resistant safety container caps and bilingual special hazardous product labels with pictograms that are of Canadian design. US labels are not compliant. We spent several months retrofitting the first two shipments which had reached our dealers’ shelves before we became aware of these often-conflicting regulations. Our recent wholesale orders from the US factory have required NAFTA country-of-origin documents, bonded warehousing at the border, and customs brokerage.
Shipping by CanPar isn't cheap and has to be be recovered from the hobby dealer or at least amortized over a larger order. We cannot combine dealer paint orders (CanPar surface) with shipments of other products (Canada Post).
The paint colours that CNRHA distributes have been specifically researched to be historically accurate and/or to provide modellers with the best representation to enhance their models.