Blacksmith Shopproto1998v.9-1p.5ffIntercolonial Rwy. Shop, Moncton, NB
Bridge - Athabasca Riverphotos 2011v.16-2p.26/27deck girder, 6 span, 621 feet long
Bridge - Dunblane, SKproto2004v.12-4 p.30ffstory of construction and history
Bridge - Entwistle, ABproto2008v.14-4 p.42ffstory of construction and history - Pembina River Xing
Bridge - GTRproto1994v.5-3p.14ffStone 3-arch bridge; Wales, ON
Bridge - New Westminsterproto2017v.18-3p.18Renewing CN's New Westminster railway bridge
Bridge - Quebec Cityproto2000v.10-1p69ffplan & restoration of bridge
Bridge - Thunder Bayphoto2010v.15-3p.3swing bridge
Bridge - Thompson River, BC photo2014 v.17-3b/coverdeck truss and see p.23
Bridge-Trestle - Kinsol, BCproto2011v.16-1 p4ffVancouver Is. Timber rebuild, photos, plans, article
Bridge-Trestle - Kinsol, BCproto2011v.16-2p.4ffReopening of timber trestle, plan and article
Bridge-Trestle - Kinsol, BCphoto2011v.16-2b/covercolor photo, detail Howe truss section
Bridge - Winnipegproto2010v.15-318ffphotos, plans, article St. James bridge, 1908 swing span
Coal Yardproto1997v.7-3p.7ffW.H. Thomson Coal Co., Pt. Credit, ON
Coal in boxcarsproto1997v.7-4p.38boxcar coal loads; coaling tower, Armstrong, ON
Coaling Towerproto1997 v.8-2 p.29-31100-ton coal dock; Niddrie, ON
Coaling trestleproto1998v.8-3 p.17ffat Edmonton North in 1940s
Coal dockproto2003 v.12-2 p.18manual bucket loading coal dock, photos
Crossing tower photo2009v.15-1 p.3West Toronto tower in 1980s
Ferry slipphoto1998v.9-1p.31color photo, Point Ellice, BC, 1987
proto 1998Mar.p.67ffRMC article Point Ellis slip, Victoria
Freight loading platform proto2001 v.11-2p.6-7Paris Jct., ON & ref. to W. Canada ramps
Industry - Linen Millphoto1998 v.8-3 p.30photo Caldwell Linen Mill, Iroquois, ON
Interlocking tower, MBplans2000v.10-2p.30St. James Jct. tower, Winnipeg, MB
Rock Shed proto2015v.17-4 p.40ffConcrete rock shed; photos and plans
Roundhousephoto2000v.10-3 p.5Redditt, ON converted to aircraft hanger
Sandhouseproto2000v.10-2 p.6 photo, description at Nutana, SK
Sawdust burner, lumber millphoto 2012v.16-3 b/covercolor photo, Boston Bar, BC ca 1952 with CN OCS equipment
Snowshed proto1993v.5-2p.13ffCN timber "rockshed" in BC
Snowshed photo2011v.16-2centreConcrete sheds Thompson River
Snowshed photo 2011v.16-2p.26Timber shed, Lasho, BC, White Canyon
Snowshed proto 2019v.19-3p.30ffSnow sheds along Skeena River, BC. History, plans & photos