General model 1999 v.9-4 p.46 applying Badger Modelflex paint
Decals model 2002 v.11-4 p.5-6 late 1930s to 1960 passenger set
CN proto 1992 v.4-1 p.22ff paint for steam locos
proto 1993v.5-2 p.21ff paint for steam locos
model1995 v.6-1 p.3ff accurate colors for CN models
update 1955 v.6-2 p.13ff update re colors above
update 1995 Mainline Modeler, Oct. & Nov. issues for CN colors
Proto 2003 v.12-2 p.4ff 1956 diesel loco numeral change
proto 1995 v.6-2 p.3ff unusual heralds and paint schemes
CN commodity theme photo 2013 v.17-1 p.31 freight car theme paints - meat, newsprint, etc.
proto 1996 v.7-2 p.12ff passenger car paints, 1919-1936
proto 1997 v.7-3 p.5 passenger car paint - discussion
proto 1997 v.7-3 p.38ff passenger car paints, 1937-1953
CN, GTW, CV proto 1997 v.8-1 p.38ff passenger car paints, 1945 -
proto 1998 v.8-4 p.25ff passenger car paints, 1961 scheme
CN post 1954 coaches proto 2004 v.12-4 p.36ff paint schemes from green & yellow to VIA
CN 8-hatch hoppers proto 1997 v.8-2 p.41 painting & # series for 8-hatch slab-sides
CN caboose proto 1997 v.7-3 p.6 wood caboose paint - pre 1944 to 1961
GTP paint proto 1995 v.6-1 p.15 original paint colors for GTP stations
CN structures in 1960s proto 2003 v.12-1 p.19