Steam Locomotives

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Bells and Whistlesproto2012v.16-3p.10ffprototype info for bells & whistles + modeling info
Generallist 1995v.5-4p.35CN imported brass models
loco photosproto2013v.17-1p.24ffShaughnessy photos; Burlington, Kitchener, Niag. Falls stations
loco photos proto2017v.18-4p.4ff Pacifics, Hudson, Mountain, 10-wheelers, moguls, Northern
locomotive lightingproto2008v.14.4p.9ffSteam loco Appliances, Part 1
main frameproto1991v.3-2p.12ffmain frame & trailing truck; dwg's.
update1991 v.3-3p.28
Loco/tender letteringproto1995v.6-1p.11ffinfo re steam lettering
Number platesproto1991 v.3-2p.8-11CN & CV info and sources
CNR steam number platesproto1999 v.9-3p.17ffCNR steam number plates
CNR number plates revisitedProto20162016p.4CNR number plates revisited
CNR number platesProto2004v.12-3 p.9CNR double sided number plates
Proto 2013v.17-1coverCircular number plate on 6258
Oil burnersproto1997v.8-2p.38oil fueling east of Winnipeg
Vanderbilt Tenderproto2017v.18-3 p.32ffVanderbilt tender on Mikado #3459
Paintingproto1992v.4-1p.22ffCN prototype and model paint scheme
update1993 v.5-2p.21ffCN/GTW
Tenderhist2017v.18-3p,32 A Vanderbuilt Tender Tale
Wooden pilotsproto1998v.8-4p.12ff
CN 0-6-0photo1999v.9-4p.12O-18 #7429
CN 0-6-0 O-10-aphotos 2006v.13-3 p.20-217044 and 7253 at Prince Rupert, BC
CN 0-6-0 O-12proto2000 v.10-1 p.30ffstory & photo review 0-12 & 0-15 switchers
CN 0-6-0 O-12-aplan2000v.10-1 p.36-7locomotive drawing of O-12-a
CN 0-6-0 O-16-aphoto2000v.10-3 p.35photo #7340
CN 0-6-0photo2000v.10-3p.43photo #7370 in 1950; see also v.15-3, p.7 O-18 #7499
CN 0-8-0photo1997v.8-2p.44color photo #8399
model2002v.11-3p.8ff model P-5's from Lifelike 0-8-0 (Part 1)
proto2002v.11-4p.45ffdetails and photos for modeling (Part 2)
CV 0-8-0photo2000v.10-1p.4color photo #504
GTW 0-8-0photo2002v.11-4p.45ffphotos #8314, 8371, 8348
CN/GT Moguls 2-6-0proto1994v.5-3 p.5ffE-10-a Moguls; photos, list, dwg.
photo1996v.7-2p.10 #86 on a wayfreight, 1956 photo
model2003v.12-2p.6ffphotos S-scale model, CN #86
CN 2-8-0photo1999v.9-4p.11photo N-4 2-8-0 #2544
Consolidation photos 2000v.10-3p.30ffcolor photos #2129
2-8-0 N-5-cphoto2000v.10-3 p.24,42color #2748-1954 photo; b&w #2435
CN N-4-aModel2016V 18-1p 42-45Building the 2-8-0 in S Scale
DW&P/CN N-2-aproto1990v.2-4p.6ff photos, 2-8-0 Consolidation
2-8-0 photo1998v.9-1p.14 #2655 color photo,1958
2-8-0model1992v.4-3p.20ff tips and O-SHO-ME diagram 2-8-0, coffin feedwater
CN 2-8-0 M-1b photo2014v.17-3 p.10#2049 at Ottawa 1954
CN 2-8-0 M-3photo2002v.11-4p.31Sept. 1951 photo #2091 nr. Chilliwack, BC
2-8-0 M-3-c photo2017v.18-3coverApril 1957
CN 2-8-0 M-3-dphoto1995v.5-4 p.3#2141; 1955 photo
2-8-0 M-3-dproto2006v.13-3p.43ff#2141 refurbished, photos, data pp.43 - b/cov
photo1993v.5-2 coverphoto #2478 and description
CN 2-8-0 M-3-a proto 2018 v.19-1 p.10-11 photos & history #2099 & see b/c
CN 2-8-0photo2000v10-1p.27photo #2508 at Jasper, AB
CN 2-8-0 N-2-b photo 2002v.11-4p.29 June 1952, #2505 at Vancouver, BC
photo2001v.11-2p.21photo #2155 at Mirror, AB
USRA Mikado 2-8-2 proto1995 v.6-2 p.22ffGT/CN/GTW - 2-8-2 - Part 1
proto1996v.6-4p.4ffcabs, tenders, modelling - Part 2
proto2010v.15-4p.20ffCanadianizing S-3-a #3737 from USRA GTR engine
CN Mikado 2-8-2proto1980Nov. p.93ffModel Railroader; plans, photos
Proto1930 p.705 Can. Rwy & Marine World details, photo #3800
CN 2-8-2 Mikado S-1-f proto 2012 v.16-3 p.21ff photos, assignments, details re modeling
proto2012v.16-4p.3errata + addenda to above article
photo1999 v.9-2p.44CNR - S-1-b - #3292
proto1997v.7-3p.44ff CNR - S-2-a - #3547
photo1998v.9-1p.44color photo - #3547
model1999v.9-2p.28 CNR - S-3 model #3720
photo2001v.11-2p.20CNR - S-4 photo with Vanderbuilt tender
Mikados S-2 class proto2003 v.12-1 p.33ffCN S-2 review, many photos, assignments
Photo2003v.12-1b/ cov.CN 3560 oil fired ca. 1956, Port Mann, BC
2-8-2photo2017v.18-3back covr March 1959 at Hamilton West
CN Santa Fe 2-10-2proto1998v.8-4 p.30ff2-10-2, 4200 series, Central Region
CN 4100s 2-10-2proto2001v.11-2 p.28ffphotos, dimensions, details
CN T-2-a 2-10-2 proto 2009v.15-2 p.46ffuse on Bala Sub, photo 4100
CV T-3-a 2-10-4 photo2015v.17-4b/cov#707 at White River with freight consist in 1953
4-4-0 photo2010v.15-3b/ cov.Prairie Dog Central
CN 4-6-0photo1995v.6-1cover#1158; 1957 photo
photos1996v.7-2p.5 +7#1303, 1956 photo; #1586, 1958 photo
model1997v.11-2p.4 + 27Ten-wheeler #1207 (b/w) + #1165 (color)
photo2001v.11-2p22big photo oil burner #1389; Dauphin, MB
photo2002v.11-4p.26#1426 H-10-a at Chilliwack, BC mixed train
photo2013v.17-1b/cov#1392 H-6-g
photo2017v.18-4b/cov#1532 at Palmerston, ON
CN G-16-a 4-6-0 #1111-1160proto2012v.16-4 p.34ffCNoR origin; photos, dimensions, assignments, modeling
Pacifics GTW proto1991v.3-4p.10ffphotos
CN 4-6-2 J-3-aphoto2000v.10-3p.27#5044, 1954 photo
CN 4-6-2 J-4-ephoto1998v.9-1p.3, 34#5127; models on p. 34
CN 4-6-2 J-4-d photo2002v.11-4p.331947 photo #5118 at Chilliwack, BC
CN 4-6-2 J-4-fphoto2010v.15-4p.231959 color photo, Portage La Prairie
CN 4-6-2photo2001v.10-4p.4Pacific #5076
photo2001v.11-2p.19color photo #5625 with oil tender
CN 4-6-2 K-3 class proto2006v.13-4p.5ffsummary, assignments K-3 Pacifics (GTR & GTP)
Hudson CN 4-6-4 proto1v.7-2 p.24Whalen track sprinkler on tender
photo1997v.8-2p.22-23#5700; color photo, being serviced
photo1997v.8-2p.27#5703 renumbered
CN Hudson K-5-aphoto2010v.15-3 p.6photo 5700 at London, ON
CN 4-6-4T X-10-aproto2003 v.12-2p.10ffarticle re use Montreal commuter service
CN 4-8-2 Mountainproto2000v.10-2p.12ffarticle re U-1-d and U-1-e Mountains
CN 4-8-2 U-1-f photo2007v.14-2 b/cover #6065 at Spadina
CN 4-8-2 Mountainphotos2008v.14-4 p.22-23 color photos #6043, 6064, 6066 see also p.26
CN 4-8-2 Mountain U-1-emodel2014v.17-3 p.44ffDetailing brass model in HO for #6049
CV 4-8-2proto2001v.10-4p.12ffCV U-1-a Mountains; photos
CN 6400proto1990v.2-4p.12ff6400 series streamlining
update1991v.3-3p.24ff CN & GTW 6400s; photos
CN 6000-6015 proto1997v.8-1 p.19ffclass U-1-a, 4-8-2s, Mountain type
photo1997v.8-1covercolor #6002, with paint tip
CN 6016-6036 proto1999v.9-2 p.4ffclass U-1-b, 4-8-2s, Mountain type
photo1999v.9-2p.44U-1-b #6028 color photo
CN 6060-6079 proto1996v.7-2p.16ffclass U-1-f, 4-8-2s, bullet nose bettys
proto2002v.11-3p.5ffU-1-f #6060
CN 6061photo2010v.15-4p.27 U-1-f #6061 color photo 1959 at Fort Rouge; no bullet nose
CN 4-8-4 Northern proto1930 p. 1Can. Rwy & Marine World loco details, photo #6151
CN 4-8-4 Northernsmodel1979Marchp.71ffModel Railroader tips re painting & modeling
CN 4-8-4 6400sproto2004v.12-3 p.10ffCN streamlined Northerns
Proto 2004v.12-3p.17ffGTW streamlined Northerns
Proto1973Mar.p.35ffTrains article re CN & GTW streamline engines #6400 - 6409
CN 4-8-4 Northern photo2008 v.14-4b/c color photo 6207
CN 4-8-4 U-2-gphoto2010v.15-3p.5
CN 4-8-4 U-2-g Northernmodel2017v.18-4p.44ffmodel in 1.5 inch scale, many detail color photos
GTW 4-8-4 U-4-bphoto2007v.14-2 p.11remembrance and a photo
GTW 4-8-4 U-4-bphoto2010v.15-3p.7photo 6407
CN 4-8-4photo1993v.3-3p.31#6216 with elephant ears
photo1996v.7-2p.24#6147 cab detail, windows, injector
photo2005v.13-1b/cover#6188 color photo, Reddit, ON mid 1950
CN 4-8-4 U-2-c photo1999v.9-3cover#6157 U-2-c Northern engine front
CN 4-8-4 Northernproto2012v.16-3p.5ffConfederation vs Northern myths; photos; early delivery list