Formsproto1998v.8-3p.30fffreight waybill, shipping order, bill of lading
Sourceshist1991v.3-2p.15archive info (see also Photographs)
CN SIG Conventionsummary1997v.8-2 p.42-43review of Oct. 1997 convention
CN Cetuary 100 yearssummary2019v.19-3p.4ffPart 1 1919-1969 history
Portland, MEplan2011v.16-2p.13 color map Portland Terminal Co. 1950s map; station on p.10
New England Regionhist2015v.17-4p.10ffCN manifest freight operations
Atlantic Regionproto1997 v.7-4p.14ffLoco assignments; steam to diesel; Part 1
proto1997v.8-1p.14ffloco assignments; steam to diesel; Part 2
Central Regionproto1997v.8-2 p.20ffloco assignments; steam to desiel; 1957
proto1998v.8-3 p.20ffloco assignments; diesel & electric; 1957
Western Regionproto1998v.8-4p.14ffloco assignments; photos, steam, 1952-7
proto 1998 v.9-1p.19ff diesel loco assignments, May 1957
Canadian Northern Pacific Ry hist2014v.17-3 p.16ffHistory, construction, last spike, bridge. Today CN main line
CNoR Pacific last spikehist2015v.17-4p.4fflast spike event Jan. 23, 1915 and centennial celebration
GTP last spike hist 2013 v.17-1 p.4ff events surrounding the last spike, Apr. 7, 1914
Winnipeg eastbound hist 1992 v.4-2 p.13fftrain types and timetable
GTP last spikehist2015v.17-4p.8-9Last word on who and where of the last spike
GTP last spikehist2016 v.18-1p.2Addenda for two items listed above
CN Château Laurier hotelhist 2012 v.16-4p.20ff 100 years of history; overview, photos, plans
CV Region proto 1999 v.9-3 p.6ff loco assignments, Nov. 1954
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GTW Region proto 1999 v.9-2 p.30ff loco assignments; diesel & steam, 1956
GTW - reorganization proto2010v.15-3p.8ffInterview - John Burdakin, Pres. GTW re 1970-1990s reorg'ztn
GTR - Durand, MI proto 2007 v.14-1 p.18ffhistorical review, photos, map
ICR - Canso Strait proto 2006 v.13-3 p.5ff Railway links to Cape Breton Island 1890-1955
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CN - Victoria Bridge hist 1991 v.3-1 p.22 overview of construction
Montreal-Portland hist1991 v.3-1 p.13 steam running 1920 - 1955
Turcot Yard, Montreal hist2001 v.11-2 p.24ff photos and operation
Coteau junction, yard hist 2014 v.17-2 p.10ff photos steam to diesel history & operations; timetables
CN branch se of Montrealhist/photos2016V 18-2p36-41branchline steam in Quebec.
CN coal to oil switch hist 2001 v.11-2 p.18ff switchover to oil burners in west
CN concrete train hist 2003 v.12-1p.27ff pouring concrete at trackside, 1929
CN Eastern Ontario hist 2009 v.15-1 p.6ff Hawkesbury - Glen Robertson mixed train, 1957
CN Burford Spur, Ontariohist2016v.18-2 p.6ffBrantford to Tillsonburg + connections
Hudson Bay Rwy, MB hist 2009 v.15-1Construction & engineering of line to Churchill, MB
CN Malachi Station hist 1991 v.3.3 p.b/cov data & 1969 photo station & caboose
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hist2001v.11-2p.8f Coalspur facilities, Part 2
Canadian Northern Pacific Ry hist 2014v.17-3 p.16ff History, construction, last spike, bridge. Today CN main line
CNoR Pacific last spike hist 2015 v.17-4 p.4ff last spike event Jan. 23, 1915 and centennial celebration
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CN Western Expansion hist 2016v.18-1p.26part 2 Kamloops to Vancouver
hist 2013 v.17-1 p.18ff control point names for Tete Jaune cutoff Part 2
Pacific Ports-Port Mann, BC proto 2002 v.11-3 p.18ff Part 1, history, photos, development, overview
Prince Rupert, BC proto 2006 v.13-3 p.15ff Part 2, 1938 yard activity, track plan & photos
Ogden Point, Victoria, BC proto 2007 v.14-1 p.26ff Part 3, history, photos, development, overview
Vancouver Island facilitiesproto2017v 18-4p.18ffCowichan Branch, Tyyup yard, Deerholme yard, G12, GMD-1
Part 2 many photos in color and operational details
Point Ellice, Victoria, BCproto2017v.18-3p.18ffTerminal and roundhouse. Map, plans, and operation; Part 1
CN laying rail proto 2001 v.11-1 p.5ff laying 115 lb rail MB & SK, 1996
CN laying rail - Heath Steel Brproto2010 v.15-4 p.6ff Rwy branch to Heath Steel and mining lines built 1949-1969
CN flood repair Iowa, USA proto 2012 v.1`6-3 p.40ff Flood damage repair Omaha - Council Bluffs route in 2011
CN London, UK hist 1997 v.8-2 p.36-37 Review of CN's 1908 GTR building
CN ABS signals hist 2003 v.12-1 p.30ff Review of CN auto Block Signal in AB & BC
CN time tables hist 1999 v.9-4 p.6ff interpreting employee time tables
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hist 1992 v.4-4 p.16ff Super Continental & Ocean Ltd. Part 2
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hist 1999 v.9-2 p.34ff history. photos, 1949, Glenavon, SK
CN - IC Chicago Sub hist/proto 2005 v.13-1 p.10ff history, prototype ops, photos
CN/GTP hist 1992 v.4-2 p.24ff ballast pit operation; shovels & winch car
info 1990 v.2-3 p.21 CV loco list for April 1990
info 1992 v.4-2 p.3ff 1991 CV info & convention report
DT&I model 1992 v.4-1 p.10 Lima, Ohio yard modelling
hist 1990 v.2-2 p.19 activity update at sale of GT
GTW hist/op 1990 v.2-2 p.13ff overview of GTW Railroad
hist 1991 v.3-1 p.6ff update and corrections
proto 1992 v.4-1 p.21 renumbering DT&I and DTSL
Bayview Junction proto 2008 v.14-3 p.24ff summary of activity and locomotives at the jct.
St. Clair River Tunnel hist 1991 v.3-4 p.22ff hist and diagram 0-10-0T switcher
Thousand Islands Ry hist 1996 v.7-1 p.40ff hist and drgs./photos loco and combine
Ontario Car Ferry Co. hist 2000 v10-1 p.60ff Rochester, NY to Cobourg, ON coal ferry