Non Revenue Cars

CN Switch Standsproto2015v17-4p44ffSwitch stands and target details for early 1970s CN standards
Dental car proto2007 v.14-2p.12ff car at Smiths Falls, ON Recycled Pass Equipment, part 1
Business carproto2007v.14-2p.15Business car #94 - Recycled Passenger Equipment, part 2
Forestry Conservation carproto2008v.14-4 p.6ff Car 15021 Recycled Pass Equipment part 3
Crew carproto2001v.11-2p.40photos and use electrician's car
Road Repairproto 2006v.13-4p.31ffproto history & photos of cars
Road Repairphoto2007 v.14-1p.3color photo exterior of above car
Road Repair car proto 2009 v.15-1p.10-11CN work car 52417 Jack Work notebook
proto2009 v.15-2p.42CN work cars 52301 - 52304; plans; photo 52490
Road Repairproto 2010 v.15-3p.30ffvarious cars, Jack Work notebook; Kershaw ballast regulator
Office carproto2006 v.13-4p.34story and plan office car #62845
CN Plows various typesmodel/proto2012v.16-3p.42ffRon Keith's plows 16 models + prototype info, plans
Plow - pushphoto1995 v.6-2coversingle track snow plow CN #55551
photo1997v.8-1p.5create a model Russell snowplow
photo2000v10-1p.72double track plow; CN #55500
Plow - rotaryinfo1991v.3-3p.7photo & info #55222 rotary plow
update1992v.4-1p19correction and additional info
update1992v,4-3p.24correction and additional info
photo1994v.5-3p.31#55348 with tender; 1948 photo
photo 2006 v.13-3 p.30 #55361 with tender; 1957 photo (now at Delson)
photo 2011 v.16-1 b/cover color photo plow 55222 at Jasper, AB
Flanger model 2006v.13-3 p.3 Prairie Model Works brass CNR flanger
Flanger CV model 2012 v.16-3 p.48 model and proto photo CV 4235
Jordan Spreader model 1999 Jan. p.58ff Model Railroading article, photos
Proto2006 v.13-3 p.4photo, story in snow
proto/model 2012 v.16-3 p.50-51 Spreader 51069 photo early 1960s and model
Pile Driver photo 2000 v.10-3 p.33ffphoto story re Hurricane Hazel
Cinder cars proto 2005 v.13-1p.17ff
Scale test carphoto1998v.9-1p.23#52284 color, 1998
Steam Shovelproto1992v.4-2 p.24ff photo shovel #50222 & Lidgerwood winch
CN cranesproto1998 v.8-3 p.12ff 60, 100 & 200 ton #50013, 50014, 50039, 50109 Industrial Brownhoist cranes
CN work trainphotos2003v.12-1p.42ffcrane, tank, flat cars
Lidgerwood winchphoto1999 v.9-3p.32#50473 to plow out gondola cars
Lidgerwood 50467 proto/model 2012 v.16-3 p.50-51prototype and model photos
Herzog ballast trainproto 2013 v.17-1p.47photo and operation