Passenger Cars

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American carsproto999v.9-3p.9ffcar purchases from USA, 1958-65, Part 1
American cars proto2000 v10-1 p.41ff car purchases from USA, 1965-69, Part 2
Crossen Car Co. carsproto 2005v.13-1 p.31ff pre 1915 wood cars acquired by CNR
Super Continental/Oceanproto1992v.4-3 p.8ff consists of post 1954 service, Part 1
Proto1992v.4-4 p.16ffSuper Continental/Ocean, Part 2
Proto1993v.5-1 p.9ff Super Continental/Ocean, Part 3
CNR Passenger trainsmodel2005v.13-2 p.5ff modelling mid-1950s trains
Businessproto1991v.3-3p.22ffCN 4-wheel outside swinghammer trucks
info1992v.4-2p.30 car Bonaventure; built 1959
proto1992v.4-4 p.23ffphotos, dwg. cars: Class PV variety 79' & 40'
update1993 v.5-2p.27PV-72-C class info; car built 1912
proto 1973Jun. MRp.49ff Smooth side modern Car 91 Model Railroader
CNproto1995v.6-2p.5ff restoration of "Burrard", CN #1098
photo1996v.7-2p.13 #30, shorty; blt. 5/13, scrapped 12/49
photo2003v.12-1p.3-4Car 100 and car 92 (89)
photo2005v.13-1p,4 color, car "Pacific"
GTRphoto1994v.5-3p.31wood, built 1896, photo 1985
Coachesmodel1990v.2-4p.15ffstreamliners - Rivarossi conv to CN/GTW
proto 1994v.5-3p.12ffCN/GTP/CNoR "Fort" cars; Part 1
proto1995v.5-4 p.17ffFort cars; lists, dwg's, photos Part 2
model2008v.14-4p.4BGR Fort series models lounge & sleepers
photo/plan2012v.16-4p.47Wentworth Lake buffet-parlor coach
CC&F - lightweightproto2004v.12-4p.36fforder of 218 smoothsided 80-seat coaches
photo1995v.6-2 p.27wood coach #3626; 1939 photo
photo2000v.10-3p.31color photo wood coach #2637
photo2004v.12-3b/covcolor photo Nfld Rwy coach in 1980
photo2012v.16-4b/covcolor photo CN class PE-73-B colonist car #2853
Dining proto2008 v.14-3p.36ffCN Dining Cars 1325 - 1329; blt 1930; plans included
Dome carsproto2017v.18-3p.42Working the bugs out of refurbished Sceneramic dome cars.
Dining Chinaproto2016v.18-2p.12ffdinnerware of CN System; train, hotel, marine; evolving logos
Café Parlor carproto2016v.18-2p.17drawing plan car #724 Tignish;
Combinephoto1992v.4-2 p.16CN #7018 (1949 photo)
proto1996v.7-1p.40ff photos & drg. car used 1911 - 1959
photo1998v.9-1 p.14wood, truss-rod combine #7145, 1958
proto 1998Julyp.61ffRMC article combine #7145
CN #7380 photo2001v10-4p.51924 steel combine; single-vestibule
photo2001v.11-1b/covsingle-vestibule steel combine, 1976
combine to drovers carproto2019v.19-3p.44ff1891 First class coach/baggage; rebuild car; photos & plan
CN wood combine photo2011v.16-1b/covat Brockville late 1950s
GTW #7365/6proto2002 v.11-3 p.16-17proto & photo 63 ft. wood combines
GTW #7365model 2003v.12-1p.4-5photo and O-scale model with parts
Headendproto1990v.2-2p.15ffmail/baggage; baggage cars; drg. inserts
CN & GTW baggagemodel1991v.3-2p.21ffproto & model 60' express baggage, dwg's.
update1991v.3-3p.22photo #8761, BE-61-H class 60' car
draw'g1994v.5-3p.3drawing 60' baggage class BE-61-H
CN baggage-expressphoto2008v.14-3p.4#9191, blt late 1953
CNproto2009v.15-2p.32ffLightweight baggage & express cars, drg., history
CN proto2010v.15-3p.4proto & photo addendum to v.15-2 article
CN baggage cars and coachphoto2010v.15-4p.24-25color; baggage-refrigerator, 60' steel express, wood express
CN photos1996v.7-2p.13,14#8512, 1920 photo; #8650, 1923 photo
Box baggageproto 1996v.6-3p.34ffphotos & drg. includes tips for modelling
Mail expressphoto1996v.7-2p.14#7712 (org. CNoR #1947)
proto 1998v.9-1 p.16ff63-foot cars CNR/ GT/ CV/ DW&P
model2008v.14-3p.5CN 9691 mail car; MA-61-d class
model2008v.14.4 p.4BGR model CNR Class ME-73-B; MW-73-B-1
CN wood side passgr equipmtproto/model2013v.17-1p.32bag 8485; combine 7251; coach 3510; bag-exp 7704; plans
Observationproto1995v.6-2p.5ff restoration of Pullman-Standard "Burrard"
proto2014v.17-2p.5ff Burrard & Bedford lwt open platform obs Pullman-Standard
photo p.44color photo, sleeper-lounge ex Milwaukee
Observation - Mtn carsproto2009v.15-1 p.43ffMountain obs cars; Recycled Pass Equipment, Part 4
Pullmanproto1990v.2-3p.26ffsleepers + 1954 promo insert re cars
Pullman sleeperphoto2009v.15-1p.b/covend view #1044 Blackville solarium car
Sleepers (12-1 type)proto1991v.3-4p.25fphotos, Rivarossi modelling info, diagrams
12-1 conversion proto 2018 19-1 p.26ff 1910 Aldham, rule car #15025, to private car Pullman Spirit
update1992V.4-1p.18vestibule and B end clarification
photos1992v.4-1p.14ffpass. car additions; photos,1954-60 colors
photo1992v.4-3p.28 12-1 sleeper, photo 1923
model 1993v.5-1p.16E-series sleeper cars, photos, dwg's
proto1993v.5-2p.24ffunderframe details Pullman E-series
photo1996v.7-2p.12 #1523, Toronto, 1919 photo
photo1997v.7-4 covercolor photo 12-1 sleeper in green/black
Ex-Pullman (12-1 type)proto2011v.16-1p.11ffCN rebuilt into café, coach, colonist, & work (photo,plan)
update2011v.16-2p.3re windows & car ends in non-AC 12-1 Pullmans
GTW consistsproto2001v.11-2p.36photos; CN cars leased to Pullman Co. 1956
Paint Schemesproto1996 v.7-2 p.12ff passenger car paints 1919-1936, Part 1
proto 1997v.7-3 p.38ff passenger car paints, Part 2 1937 - 1940s
proto 1997v.8-1 p.38ffpost WW II "green" paint schemes. Part 3
proto1998v.8-4 p.25ffpassenger car paint 1961, black & grey, Part 4
CN Monogramsproto2004v.12-3p.21ffloco and freight monogram logos
update1997v.8-2p.39CV update re painting schemes
CN Design Programproto2007v.14-1 p.5ff colors & designs for CN corporate image, Part 1
proto 2007 v.14-2 p.28 putting the design and symbols to work, Part 2
US advertisingproto2014v.17-2 p.33ff National Geographic ads 1931 - 1962 review
CN gonsproto1998v.8-3p.43paint & lettering ECC gons
Travel Super Continentalhist/mod1992 v.4-3p.8ffSuper Continental & Ocean Limited details
hist/mod1992v.4-4 p.16ffpart 2 of above
hist/mod1993v.5-1p.9part 3 of above; corrections p.17
Sceneramic - Super Dome carphoto 2014v.17-3p.36ffSwitching at Jasper, AB; proto details
Sceneramic - Dome car hist2017v.18-3p.42ffRebuild and Test trip, Montreal - Vancouver
Illinois Centralhist/mod2007v.14-2 p.37ffreview modern passenger service on Illinois Central
CN - Illinois Central proto2010v.15-4p.28ffreview of five local runs in Northern Illinois
Elgin, Joliet & Easternproto 2009v.15-1p.12ffreview of line & acquisition by CN
Trucksproto1991v.3-3p.22ff4-wheel outside swinghanger truck