DWP/CNmodel1991v.3-4p.7bulkhead source for 52' & 60' cars
photo1993v.5-2p.19 #663384 with stock car container
CN steel flatsproto1994v.5-3p.20ffCN/CNoR/CGR/CP cars Part 1
model1995 v.5-4p.26ff model all variations - steel flats Part 2
photo1996v.7-1cover#662643 also TOFC photo, drg. p.23
proto2008 v.14-3 p.23 steel flat for TOFC now for containers
piggyback flatphoto2001v.11-1p.8CN piggyback trailer on flat
operation2002v.11-3p.32operation & handling
container flatproto2007v.14-1p.25express container service 1960s
CN bulkhead flat proto 1996 v.7-1 p.22dimension drg. & photo pulpwood car
CN depressed centreproto2000v.10-3p.7ffphotos and prototype history and use
photo2008v.14-3p.23CN 57549 - work flat Engineering car ( at Atikokan in 2008)
photo2008v.14-4p.4 photos, model information
CN well hole flatsproto2001v.11-1p.9ff photos, drawings, details; groups 1-3