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CN LINES magazine is the primary benefit of CNRHA membership. It is also available in select hobby stores and magazine outlets in Canada and the US.
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Here are some samples of the magazine:
CNR Rolling Stock Monograms by Stafford Swain, CN LINES Volume 12 Number 3 (PDF)
Paint colours used on CN rolling stock by Stafford Swain, CN LINES Volume 6 Number 1 (PDF)
    The magazine offers a balanced mix of historical and contemporary features as well as information of interest to modellers. CN LINES has grown from our earliest black-and-white issues to provide at least 48 colourful pages with no advertisements. We cover a wide range of topics in every issue, with at least one in-depth feature article. At the present time we are producing two issues per year, so a membership lasts approximately two years before renewal. The potential scope for articles in CN LINES covers all parts of the Canadian National system, past and present, including U.S. subsidiaries Grand Trunk (New England Lines), Central Vermont, Grand Trunk Western and Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific.

    To subscribe to CN LINES, become a member of CNRHA. See the Membership Information page for details on how to become a member and receive the magazine. CN LINES magazine is made possible through the efforts of many volunteers and contributors, and new authors are always welcome.

Please send magazine submissions, as well as requests to reprint any CN LINES material, to the Editor. Initial contact can be made by email to Kevin Holland

Back Issues

Each volume of CN LINES spans four issues (numbers). The exception to this was Volume 1, in which there was only one issue. Each issue is referred to by its volume and number. For example, V10N1 refers to Volume 10, Number 1.
    Paper copies of CN LINES back issues are no longer offered by mail, but some may still be available when CNRHA is a vendor at major train shows. Our back issues are now available as searchable PDF files on a DVD that includes V1N1 through V17N4.
Back Issue DVD

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