SD75I's 5765-5800

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5765 GF-643b 1997 in service
5766 GF-643c December 1998 returned to service involved in accident 9 June 1999 while following 9422. Units 5660, and 5754 were also involved.
Train derailed at mile 56.7
of the Lac St-Jean Subdivision in Quebec. 9422 nosed into a washout and nearly went into the Batiscan River
fuel from punctured tanks polluted the river. The other three units tipped over on their sides. The crew jumped and were injured
5767 GF-643cDecember 1998 in service
5768GF-643cDecember 1998 in service
5769 GF-643cDecember 1998 in service
5770GF-643c 1999 in service
5771 GF-643c1999 in service
5772 GF-643c1999 in service
5773 GF-643c1999 in service
5774 GF-643c1999 in service while trailing another locomotive on an eastbound train 4 February 2004, caught fire at Cornwall ON
fire extinguished by Cornwall Fire department
5775GF-643c1999 in service
5776GF-643c1999 in service
5777 GF-643c1999 in service
5778GF-643c1999 in service
5779 GF-643c1999 in service
5780GF-643c 1999 in service
5781 GF-643c1999 in service
5782GF-643c1999 in service
5783 GF-643c1999 in service
5784 GF-643c 1999 in service
5785 GF-643c1999 in service collided with a truck full of wood treatment resin 6 July 1999 at mile 6.42 of the Edson Subdivision (156 Street in Edmonton)
while leading eastbound train; minor structural damage, but may need new paint
5786 GF-643c1999 in service
5787 GF-643c 1999 in service
5788 GF-643c 1999 in service
5789 GF-643c 1999 in service
5790 GF-643c 1999 in service
5791 GF-643c, 1999 shipped to EMD, LaGrange IL, immediately after manufacture for emission tests
5792 GF-643c1999 in service
5793GF-643c1999 in service
5794 GF-643c1999 in service on 30 December 1999 while leading 2581 westbound near St Hillaire QC,
had its tank train full of gasoline derail behind it. Eastbound train pulled by 5753 and 5038 struck the derailed cars and burned.
5795GF-643c1999 in service
5796 GF-643c1999 in service
5797GF-643c1999 in service
5798 GF-643c1999 in service
5799 GF-643c1999 in service
5800 GF-643c October 1999 in service last unit of the order
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