Models Produced freight cars

Most of these cars are out of production but are presented here for the modeller who has found one.
AccurailHO3 bay hoppernoodlecloseaccurate3 Bay covered hopperclick here
AccurailHOPS 4750 hopperWWWcloseaccurateps4750click here
AccurailHOsingle sheath 40' wood boxcarwhite lettersaccurate
minor end details need upgrades
AccurailHO50' plug door boxcarnoodlestand inaccuratebox
HO40 ft wood boxcarboxcar redTBDTBDJune 2020
HO48 foot containerLazerTBDTBDMay 2020
HO3 window caboosegreen leafTBDTBDFebruary 2020
HOFMC boxcarWWWTBDTBDNovember 2017
HO&NBehgon CoalporterCNA red and whiteTBDTBDJune 2018
HO30ft old time flatcarCN Stand In
generic, will need changes and/or specific parts added/removed to be prototypical
CloseDecember 2017
HOPS 5277 BOXAccurate
Accurate for some CN cars
HO and N33,000 gallon tank car noodleunknown
HOSlab side Covered Hopperred with block, Grey with red lettering2nd quarter 2021
HO 50 foot post war boxcar noodle2019 4th Quarter
HO Aluminum Gondolawhite, CNAunknown
HOCenter Beam bulkhead flatCNunknown
HO & NEvans gondola WWW1st quarter 2019
HO and NRebuilt USRA boxcarCN Green Maple LeafStand In
similar to some CN cars but would need
reworking to be accurate
CloseSummer 2017rebuilt boxcar
AtlasHOHart Ballast carnoodleclose
discharge bays too large
HOGLa 2 2 bay hopperblockFall 2020
BowserHOOffset side hoppervariousclose
generic unit, some parts need to be added
removed to represent CN prototype
BowserHO12 panel hoppernoodle12 panel
IntermountainHOModified Canadian AAR 10'6" IH boxcargreen leafAccurate
ladders need to be changed,
other details as well
IntermountainHO1937 AAR standard 10' IH boxcargreen leafclose
may need minor changes for specific cars
IntermountainHOPressure flow covered hoppervariousaccurate
based on CN prototype
IntermountainHOCylindrical covered hoppervariousaccurate
Many accurate schemes,
some are stand in for different car designs
HOMaxi 4 containerCN intermodalunknown
KasloHO36' Fowler boxcarkitaccurateundecoratedfowler
HO3800cf Cylindrical Hopperred noodle, display
black noodle, brown
Based on a CN prototype
AccurateFall 2017
HO50 ft bulkhead flatCN CNNANovember 2017BH Flat
HO72 center beam flat CNAFebruary 2018
HOcylindrical covered hopperEnvironmental Mode logo
HO60 ft boxcarnoodle, stripes
HO53' high-cube containerWe deliver, CN worldwideAccurateAccurateLate 2018
N50 ft double door boxcarCN NoodleTBD
accurate for some CN cars
TBDSummer 201750ft boxcar
Npanel side hopperwhite letteringTBDTBDEarly 2018
N40ft boxcar 4 packTBDTBD
O50 ft PS1 boxcarnoodleTBDTBDunknown
OGondolawhite block lettersTBDTBD1st quarter2018
OFord F150 pickuporange with noodle3rd quarter 2020
O, HO70 T hoppernoodle
OReeferSuperthermMay 2018
Ogondolablock letters2nd quarter 2019