Brian Schuff Collection

Brian Schuff Western Region Steam Collection
This is a work in process at present. --- This collection of 106 images primarily represents the very last active steam locomotives in regular service on the CNR. Most of the images were taken by Don Ettar at either Fort Rouge in Winnipeg or at Transcona in 1958, 1959 and 1960 (stored awaiting scrapping). There are also a few images of Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific locomotives at Duluth and some by other photographers at other locations that had been acquired by Mr. Ettar. A few of these were shot by a Mr. Michaels in the mid 1930s in the Saskatoon area.BR> Don Ettar captured at least some examples of most of the classes still active around Winnipeg in 1958 and 1959 with the exception of M3 Class Consolidations and H10 Class Ten Wheelers. The vast majority of the steam locomotives still active then in the Winnipeg area had been converted to oil firing. There were still a few H6 Class (1300s and renumbered 1500s) Ten Wheel locomotives in branch line and work train service. Many of the larger ones were locomotives that had been transferred to Winnipeg from other terminals to run out their last days in active service. Some of these had come from the BC and Alberta Districts such as the S2 Mikados (3500s) and some had been reassigned from the Central Region such as the U-1-f Mountains (6060 - 6079). U-1-f Mountain 6077 was a late arrival in Winnipeg and retained its bullet nose, but lost its Vanderbilt tender when converted to oil-firing. It is the only one of the locomotives pictured in this collection that was not scrapped and is now on display in Capreol with a Vanderbilt coal tender from a scrapped Northern. By 1958 all of the CNR 4-8-4 Northerns that had been reassigned to the Western Region had been sent back to the Central Region or retired so none were captured on film in Winnipeg area by Mr. Ettar.