Michigan Division

StrathroyBlackwellTappen278.6 miles5CTCStrathroy
FlintTappenEmmitt Street178.6 miles6 & multiple mainsCTCFlint
Mount ClemensMilwaukee JunctionTappen55.6 miles2 & double trackCTC and TWCMount Clemens
DearbornD&I JunctionRouge Yard55.6 miles2 & double trackrule 520Dearborn
HollyMilwaukee JunctionDurand67 miles6 & double trackrule 520Holly
Shore LineMilwaukee JunctionManhattan Junction54.8 miles2 & some double trackCTCShore Line
Flat RockSouth YardDiann39.6 miles3CTC and ABSFlat Rock
South BendGriffithEmmett Street142.5 miles1 and double trackCTC South Bend
ErieCEWallace Junction9.2 miles0TWC Erie
BessemerNorth BessemerConneaut138.2 miles9CTC and TWCBessemer
GreenvilleKelseySandy12.10CTC Greenville