Models Announced

The following is a list of CN models announced by manufacturers.
Rating scale

Close - Mostly accurate but may require some changes to reflect CN prototype practices
Stand in - requires significant changes to represent CN prototype practices
Fantasy - No CN prototype
TBD - To be determined when model is available

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HOAluminator coal gondola noodle
HODASH 8-40CW WWW1st quarter 2019
NDash8-40CMstripes, North America
no map, WWW
Accuratemid 2019
HOTempoorange with noodleAccurate
Accuratemid 2019
HORS 18as delivered, noodle, stripesAccurate
Accuratemid 2019
HOEF-644t WWWunknown
NDASH 8-40CW WWW1st quarter 2019
HO70 Ton hopper WWW3rd quarter
O, HO70 T hoppernoodle
HO60 ft boxcarnoodle, stripesJuly 2018
HOSD40noodle, stripesAccurate
offered with and without dynamic brakes
AccurateFebruary 2019
HOSD40-2WWWFebruary 2018
OES44cdWWWApril 2018
OSD70 aceBlue and BlackJuly 2018
Ocylindrical hopperCanada RedJuly 2018
OReeferSuperthermMay 2018
HOcylindrical covered hopperEnvironmental Mode logoLate June 2018
O50 ft PS1 boxcarnoodleTBDTBDunknown
HOC44-9WWWWTBDTBDDecember 2018
HOF9bas delivered, stripes
fall 2019
NGMD 1green, noodle, stripes and Cuba
early 2018
HOBud mid train domechrome and heritage
HOSD70ACeBlue ex demoMarch 2018
HO and NEF-644tWWWTBDTBDSpring 2018
HOFMC boxcarWWWTBDTBDNovember 2017
HO72 center beam flat CNAFebruary 2018
NBaggage CarnoodleTBDTBDMarch 2018
ZSD40-2white block lettersTBDTBD1st quarter 2018
OGondolawhite block lettersTBDTBD1st quarter2018
NTurboRed and WhiteTBDTBDLate 2018
NTier 4 GEVo ET44ACWWWTBDTBDWinter 2018
HO&NBehgon CoalporterCNA red and whiteTBDTBDJune 2018
N40ft boxcar 4 packTBDTBD
HOC630M  Close
Most CN units did not have dynamic brakes
should be removed
AccurateJanuary 2018
HOSW1200RSblack cab, red cabTBDTBDFall 2017
HOWoodchip HopperCN NoodleTBDTBDfall 2017
HO53' high-cube containerWe deliver, CN worldwideAccurateAccurateLate 2018
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