CN Postcards

Postcards showing CNR Subjects between Vancouver and Edmonton circa 1920s
by Al Lill
Postcard collection by the late Andrew Hamilton Donat donated to the CNR by his son John

About 16 years ago, John Donat of Toronto was cleaning out his mother's home and came across 35 old 3" by 5" postcards showing CNR trackage and scenic subjects between Vancouver and Edmonton. Before his parents were married, his father lived in Australia for eight years. On his way back home in early 1930 to his parents' home in Hamilton, Andrew Donat took the train from Vancouver to Hamilton and acquired this postcard collection. John has donated the cards to the CNRHA as he feels that they have some historical significance. We have reproduced several of them in this article. I have sought advice from the Vancouver Postcard Club and Dave Emmington, Roger Burrows, Les Kozma and Ray Matthews on same.

These particular unused postcards are lithographs reproduced in large numbers from original black and white photographs and have only have limited caption information as seen on the scanned images. They were produced by two Vancouver BC companies - Gowen Sutton and BC Printing and Litho Ltd. The latter cards were likely printed in 1929 according to Ron Souch from the Vancouver Postcard Club.

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